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Prothrombin Time/ International Normalized Ratio In A Minute

Are you having abnormal bleeding or bruising?
Do you have bleeding disorder?
Are you taking blood-thinning medicines?


If your answer is yes, then you may need a Program Prothrombin Time (PT) or also known as an International Normalized Ratio (INR). 


At Comfort Home Health Agency, we do proper and carefully evaluated PT & INR procedures to measures how long it takes for your blood to clot. It helps detect and diagnose a bleeding disorder or excessive clotting disorder that makes a person difficult to remember things, think clearly, communicate with others and take care of themselves.

What you need to know

Prevent irregular blood clots with the aid of Prothrombin time. It is a test that helps detect and diagnose a bleeding disorder or clotting disorder. Prothrombin Time/ International Normalized Ratio in a minute test is a blood test that measures the time it takes for the liquid portion – Plasma – of your blood to clot

Check your blood clotting condition if you experience these symptoms

  • Frequent bruising
  • Irregular blood clot formation
  • Blood coming out from feces or your urine
  • Irregular bleeding gums
  • Heavy menstrual periods in women
  • Swelling