How is COVID affecting Home Health Care

Home Health Care Is In Demand With the recent events tied to the COVID pandemic we have seen the CDC recommend social distancing, face coverings and shelter in place orders. One of the major concerns in the health care industry is the at risk patient populations. These patients are the ones in short and long term care facilities. We have reports of these facilities becoming COVID hot spots due to the confined nature. These circumstances have driven patients to utilize home health in order to by-pass short term care facilities.


Home Health Option


Patients who have the opportunity to select home health care over short term care facilities and nursing facilities are increasing in numbers. This makes sense for patients to reduce their social interaction by staying at home to receive their care.


Others have stated that there is some anxiety of having an outside care provider in their home however the risk of not having home health service was greater than the risk of the virus. Additionally home health care providers have been trained to reduce the risk of spreading COVID.


Emmy, owner of Comfort Home Health Agency stated that “our staff undergoes monthly training sessions to stay on top of the changes that are outlined by the CDC. Care givers are continually checked for the virus and practice sterilization and containment practices before and after each home visit.”


This type of care is great news for at risk patients. Comfort Home health can provide a wide range of services. Skilled home health aides can provide occupational therapy, physical therapy and wound care. Home aides provide light housekeeping, personal care and medication management.


For out of state family that have loved ones in Florida home health is a viable option. Home health can delay entering a nursing home during the COVID pandemic. Home health agencies often work with the most popular insurance plans. They will also work with the family members for a fair price depending on their loved one’s needs.


Comfort Home Health offers a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home including Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Services, Home Health Aide, Personal Care and Home Making Services. Comfort Home Health is a Medicare Certified Agency serving Pinellas and Pasco counties since 1996.

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