10 reasons why physical therapy is beneficial

Are your usual daily tasks difficult to perform? Have you had an injury or are you physically incapable? If yes, you may benefit from physical therapy. Physical rehabilitation is performed by a physical therapist. It is the kind of care that helps you ease pain and help you function, increase flexibility, and allow you to move your body at its optimal function.

What to expect during a physical therapy session?

Every person and every case are different. Depending on the gravity and nature of your case, some may take just a few weeks of rehabilitation to years of therapy. And sometimes, it may take a lifetime of therapy to maintain the mobility your body can achieve.

Your licensed physical therapist will need to assess your physical condition and medical history prior to any session. It is critical that you provide your attending physical therapist with as much information as possible to ensure that you receive the best treatment for a faster recovery.

It is also important that you religiously attend each session and try your best to perform as directed. Because no matter how good the program is, if you’re not trying and faltering, it will only prolong your suffering and the results are not as promising as they should be.

Sessions may take from 30 mins to an hour a day. In most cases, activities are continued at home as instructed by a professional.

Can I improvise my exercise at home to improve my mobility?

Although the internet has been a very helpful resource, you shouldn’t be dependent on it and neither should you improvise on your own. It is because each case is different. Some may work for you, while others may worsen your case. Neither should you force yourself to do an activity that can further strain your body. Every step and activity must be increased gradually.

Seek for a professional as it is always the best remedy for effective and efficient healing. Jojo Rehab Therapy offers physical therapy programs in Pasco and Pinellas that can help you or your loved ones with your therapy journey.

10 reasons why physical therapy is beneficial

Physical therapy treats a wide range of medical cases. It is mainly known for helping you improve your mobility and movement, recover from injury or trauma, help you recover from stroke, improve balance, and aid in fall prevention for our seniors.

  1. Physical Therapy helps improve your mobility and movement
  2. Physical Therapy helps you recover from injury or trauma
  3. Physical Therapy helps you recover from stroke
  4. Physical Therapy helps you improve your balance
  5. Physical Therapy can aid with fall prevention
  6. Physical Therapy helps Strengthen your body
  7. Physical Therapy helps Prevent scar tissue build-up
  8. Physical Therapy helps eliminate if not reduce pain
  9. Physical Therapy helps manage Diabetes and Vascular Conditions
  10. Physical Therapy helps Fix faulty movement patterns

Ultimately, the goal of physical therapy is to both restore physical health, quality of life, and overall wellness to the patient while also reducing the risks of injury, complications, and other diseases to the patient.

Physical therapy can be beneficial for persons of all ages who are suffering from a variety of medical issues.

Does the therapy end during a session with my attending Physical therapist?

To maintain and reach your optimal function, activities should not end during a session. Depending on your Physical therapist, they may require you to perform simple activities at home at an interval.

During activities at home, the involvement of the referring primary care of your physical therapist, as well as the participation of family members or caregivers, will always be considered and incorporated into the plan, wherever it is appropriate or necessary to assist you during your journey until you can fully be independent.

Exercise Physical Therapy Comfort Home Health Agency in Partnership with Jojo Rehab Therapy in Pinellas and Pasco Florida area

Is physical therapy the same as exercise?

Yes, physical therapy activities are similar to regular exercise. However, it is only one component of physical therapy. Unlike gym exercise, physical therapy activities are tailored to your medical condition.

It is not to help you gain muscles and abs. Instead, physical therapy treatment helps you regain your mobility and address underlying common conditions concerning balance, movement, prevent the build-up of scar tissue and helps improve post-surgical outcomes.

A number of musculoskeletal injuries have been shown in studies to be most effectively treated when a combination of exercise, manual therapy, and patient education are used together.

What are some activities physical therapists do during a stroke?

There are various exercises that range from basic to complex exercises, and some may require special equipment. If you recently just had a stroke, getting an early intervention of a physical therapist can make a huge impact in regaining your mobility back on the game, rather than prolonging it.

When you just had a stroke, depending on which nerve it hit you, paralysis on parts of your body, such as speech can be affected. In this case, getting a speech therapist is beneficial.

Unlike a Physical Therapist who specializes in your motor skills, Speech therapists are health care professionals who specialize to prevent, test, diagnose, and treat disorders of speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing.

Exercises such as walking, sitting, standing, and lying down are just a few basic examples of a stroke exercise. Some may include the process of transitioning from one form of movement to another. It may look simple and doable at a glance, but not as easy as you think it is for a stroke patient. Proper guidance, technique, and duration should be monitored and maintained to prevent further injuries and damage.

mobility Physical Therapy Comfort Home Health Agency in Partnership with Jojo Rehab Therapy in Pinellas and Pasco Florida area

Where can I get a therapist?

Agencies such as Comfort Home Health Agency and Jojo Rehab Therapy in Pinellas and Pasco, Florida offer different kinds of therapy. Therapy service includes speech therapy, physical therapy, stroke therapy, and occupational therapy.

Other in-home services such as medical supervision, fall prevention program, cardiopulmonary program, Low vision program, senior wellness program, neurological rehabilitation, and orthopedic rehab are also readily accessible. To schedule an appointment, you may visit the Jojo Rehab Therapy website or contact us for more information.

Comfort Home Health Agency in Pinellas and Pasco, Florida also offers FREE assessments to aid you with the right therapy you need.

If you’re looking for in-home personal care assistance for your loved ones, agencies such as A Palms Personal Care in Pinellas and Pasco, Florida can help you with caregiving tasks. Tasks such as medical supervision, basic housekeeping, Skilled home visits, and personal care assistant.

In summary, Physical therapy deals with and addresses the treatment of illnesses or injuries that impair a person’s ability to move and engage in functional activities in their everyday lives. It is imperative to seek for a professional to ensure you don’t further injure or cause further issues. Most Physical therapy activities can be performed at home and should be continued as directed by your therapist.

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